Wuxi Yue Sun Transportation Co., Ltd. registered capital of 500 million, is the Wuxi City industry and commerce, taxation, transportation and other departments jointly independent legal approval of third-party logistics enterprises. The new company is located in the intersection of River Road and State Road 312 through, convenient transportation developed: to provide our customers goods distribution warehouse to provide a quality guarantee. The company has a group of young, vibrant and dynamic master of information management staff. More than ten years, we have provided strong support to create a “young team, logistics and information technology, green brand” of logistics services. We have been to the scientific management, standardization of professional service and reasonable transportation price for customer service. Due to business development needs and the needs of customers, and Guangdong – the establishment of large Transport Company Limited: Company to undertake large equipment transport, four super transport equipment: long, wide, high, overweight, and other large transport operations. Grew up in the competition, Guangdong Shun Wuxi large transport company has a strong transport strength sufficient to provide you with safe, efficient, standardized large transport service! Welcome to Wuxi Yue Sun Transportation Co., Ltd. Wuxi to Guangzhou logistics company website service hotline: 0510-80260038 / 0510-80260308 / 83856991 Contact: Fei Qing Zhao E-mail: [email protected] Address: Wuxi City, Jiangsu Tongjiang Road 312 crossing the country up to A-14 logistics Park dressing room.